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#1 02/04/2006 23:13:47

cosmic spacehead

Unreleased games - scans from Italian magazines

I've just posted these over at Assembler, and figured that folks here would be interested too - it's a bunch of scans from Italian magazines that I was sent by Nicola from DP last year. All from around 1994/5. Mainly just text, but there's a couple of pics here & there...


The New Breed (by Accolade)

Hardcore (by Psygnosis). Released on the Amiga, I think.

Various Codemasters games including mentions of Aarnie & MD/SMS versions of the Excellent Dizzy Collection (only released on GameGear - an incomplete SMS proto exists)

Various Ocean games including The Shadow. Also includes a mention of SNES Thunder in Paradise.

Pinkie (by Millenium). MD & SNES.

Elite (MD/SNES)

Akira (MD/SNES)

Akira (MD & MegaCD). Also Super Motocross (SNES)

Under the Sea & Motorbikin' (Motocross 2000?) - both 32X

Tee Off Golf (MegaCD)

Dominus (MD, by ASCII). Also Adventures of Dizzy (SNES).

Go Speed Racer (MD & SNES - not the same as Speed Racer, the Mario Kart-clone) & Star Quest.

Lamu (MegaCD)

Round-up of American Football games including the unreleased Super Bowl Team & Dan Marino's Power Play Football.

Aspect Warriors (MD/SNES). Strategy RPG based in Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Socks the Cat Rocks the Hill

Fido Dido - SNES & MD(?). Also mentions Fire Team Rogue (SNES/MD)

Robocop vs. Terminator (MegaCD)


#2 24/04/2006 14:38:44

L'intégral MD Jap !

Re: Unreleased games - scans from Italian magazines

Actually, Lamu did came out on Mega CD..its real name is Urusei Yatsura smile (Lamu in France,Lum in USA)


#3 25/04/2006 13:29:12

cosmic spacehead

Re: Unreleased games - scans from Italian magazines

Yeah, I was already corrected on that one at Assembler wink


#4 06/10/2010 18:27:11


Re: Unreleased games - scans from Italian magazines

There is actual videofootage of Hardcore here:


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