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#1 10/05/2008 22:50:33


Xiang Qi - cover scan

Since there is no info in the database for this game, here is a cover scan from my recently acquired copy.  The game is made by Realtec and distributed by Freetron (H.K.) Co.  This company appears to still exist, and sells joypads and some games for current gen systems. 

There's no serial number as such, just a barcode.  No date either.  There is a full colour manual though,  a fold out sheet.

Here's the cover scan:


#2 11/05/2008 09:23:18

Hi-NRG addict!

Re: Xiang Qi - cover scan

Thank you for these informations and the cover.

I wouldn't be surprised if the barcode cam from an original licenced game, like ThunderBold II wich have the Japanese Jurasic Park barcode smile
But now we didn't have all the barcode in the database, so we can't say ^^


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