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#1 25/05/2008 19:22:02

cosmic spacehead

on eBay: anagrama's MegaDrive collection (part 1)

Evening all, long time no see!

Thought some of you would be interested to hear that I've just been listing the first part of my MegaDrive collection on eBay - just over 100 PAL titles, alphabetically from A-D.

Addams Family Values
Aero the Acrobat 1 & 2
Body Count
Death & Return of Superman
Dragon Ball Z
and lots more!

Another 400+ games to come over the next few weeks!

Check 'em out smile


#2 15/06/2008 23:00:40

cosmic spacehead

Re: on eBay: anagrama's MegaDrive collection (part 1)

M-R now listed! Highlights include:

McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure
Mega Man: Wily Wars
MegaGames 6 vol 2 & 3 - both boxed & complete
Mutant League Hockey
Normy's Beach Babe-O-Rama
Phantasy Star II
Pirates of Darkwater

and lots more! smile


#3 07/07/2008 22:46:05

cosmic spacehead

Re: on eBay: anagrama's MegaDrive collection (part 1)

Last batch of European games up now - everything from S to Z, including:

Saturday Night Slammasters
Shining Force
Spiderman: The Animated Series
Streets of Rage 2 (blue cart)
Streets of Rage 3
Time Killers
World Championship Soccer 2 - blue box (1st copy sold on open auction since 2003!)
Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel

and plenty more!

Still to come: cover variants, Australian exclusives, Genesis games & other cool bits & bobs, then we start on the Master System library...


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