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#1 21/11/2013 23:00:19

Les Collectionneurs Névrosés.

Jeux avec notice portugais

Je me refais à fouiller au portugal pour compléter la base de données.

J'ai trouvé ceci déjà, sur le forum assemblergames. Mais le membre qui a posté ce message n'y est pas retourné depuis deux ans:

"There has been some interest in Portuguese editions and manuals before so I finally took some pics of some different types of portuguese Megadrive manuals, hope everyone enjoys it. … 6612_68331 46_n.jpg

1st gen manual, printed in glossy paper and with colored covers
The very first runs were like the one on the right, with a customized cover composed of the original cover artwork surrounded by the old style MD layout and IMO the nicest portuguese manuals that ever came out.
The later runs were a straight colored xerox of the front cover. … 6610_12325 6_n.jpg

The later games had these ugly blue xeroxed manuals printed on the lowest grade paper possible.
The cover was always a straight copy of the game's front cover … 6609_23856 16_n.jpg

Somewhere between the old colored manuals and the ugly blue ones very few of these came out
Cover artwork surrounded by a white layout with a weird Megadrive logo on top. … 6611_26387 48_n.jpg

And last some just had some completely weird covers
This cover used for the S&K manual in different from the one used in the game's cover and different from the original manual.
I have no idea where they got this image

The one on the right has a hard cardboard cover with a glossy print with a custom image.
Inside are b&w copies of each individual game.

edit: all of these manuals have an odd shape that just doesn't fit anywhere in the case and just kind of floats there."

Les images ne marchent plus.
J'ai mis toutes les photos que j'ai récupéré dans le temps dans un dossier photobucket: … t=3&page=1

mot de passe: guardiana

Si vous avez des photos d'autres jeux (photos où l'on voit la notice portugaise of course ^^), envoyez-moi un message privé sur le site.


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