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#1 06/10/2010 18:37:41



Hey everyone,

got a little stash of 5 loose japanese carts and want to make them look nice among my other games, but I am lacking quality scans of the inlays in order to do so.

I have seen that the Guardiana-page has all the covers I need, but the resolution for the "full scan" is way too low.

Could anybody here owning the japanese version of:

Forgotten Worlds
Speedball 2
Shiten-Myooh (Shadow Blasters)
TMNT: Return of the Shredder

help me out with 300dpi scans (and possibly moirè-filtered) for these games? Got a bit of a collection myself and could help you out with quality scans too, if needed.

Help or any hint on how to obtain these covers in my desired quality would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time,


#2 03/12/2013 17:04:59


Re: Coverscans

I have a scan from forgotten worlds, how can I send it to you?


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